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Frequently Asked Questions:

My Prices

Q: Why are your prices so low? Don’t people “get what they pay for”?

A: I am not into this for the money.  I started out my web development service as a means of helping and supporting rescue organizations.  Because I have been actively involved in rescue for many years, I understand the lack of funds that rescue organizations struggle with on a daily basis.  The money that they collect from the adoption fees is not nearly enough to cover all the expenses they have to invest in saving these animals lives.  Most rescue organizations have little or no resources available to pay for a professional web developer to create a website for them.  So, as a way of helping and supporting all rescue organizations, I provide my web development services for a cost that is usually reachable for them.  There are some rescue organizations, however, that don’t even have a small amount of money for a website, so my services are not obtainable to them … yet.

I also provide web development services to non-rescue organizations and business, I still keep my prices low and obtainable for them as well.

Web Site Maintenance

Q: Once my website is developed, can I make changes and maintain the site myself?

A:  Yes you can.  If you have an HTML editor software, like Frontpage or Dreamweaver, you can import the web pages to your own computer, make the appropriate changes, and upload the changed pages back to the hosting site.  I do not have the ability to provide you with support in using these programs, so you will need to have the skills to do this yourself.

All websites that I develop are in HTML format and are fully compatible with any HTML editor.

However, I know that you are busy and need to focus your time and energy on running your business, which is why I offer website maintenance to my clients for a very low annual fee.  I offer a monthly and a bi-monthly maintenance program; I send out reminder emails to ask you if you have any changes; and I make the changes within 48 hours of scheduled date.  You can send me change requests at any time during the month, and I will hold on to your change request until the appropriate update scheduled time.

Domain Name & Hosting

Q: What is the difference between a Domain Name and Hosting?  Do I need both?

A: The best way I can explain the difference is the Domain Name is like having a phone number; Hosting is the phone company that makes your number go public.  You need both to have a public website.  I offer both services for you.

Client References/Referrals

Q:  Can I contact your clients for a reference?

A:  Yes you may.  Any of my clients would be very happy to send you a letter of recommendation.  Since my clients are also rescue organizations, their time is very limited, so please be patient with them ... they will eventually respond back to you.

Credit Cards

Q:  Can I pay for your fees by Credit Card.

A:  Yes.  I accept Credit Card payments through PayPal.  A small PayPal servicing fee will apply.
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